The 1980's are everywhere in the Twin Ports - if you know where to look!  As humans, we love to re-live our past, reminiscing about our memories.  For many, the 1980's hold a special place in their heart - either as the decade they were born, went to school, raised families, or - "just because".

In the Twin Ports, there are still signs of the so-called "Me Decade" all around us - but you just need to know where to look. A wide-variety of the infrastructure we depend upon and still use today (i.e. buildings, roads, parks) were either built in the 1980's or saw significant design elements.

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So if you want to take a look at the past around the Twin Ports, here are some suggestions that are right in front of you.  And to relive the decade musically, listen to KOOL 101.7 all weekend long for the "Feel Good 80's Labor Day Weekend" - brought to to you by Art In The Alley, Thai by Thai, and The Pottery Burn.

How To See Remnants Of The 1980's in Modern Duluth-Superior

Remember to join KOOL 101.7 for an '80s Feel Good Weekend, happening all Labor Day Weekend! We're firing up the 80s tunes at 2 pm Friday, and we'll be going all thr way through the end of the day on Labor Day. Heading out of town for the weekend? Bring the feel-good throwback music with you on our free mobile app, which you can get right here!

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