The winter season brings many challenges for the Northland.  And - it seems like the people who live here aren't afraid to whine and complain about them- especially on social media.  The start to the season has already seen two record-setting snow storms and like clockwork, the internet was full of questions, complaints, and quite frankly a lot of dis-information.

The Superior side of the bridge seemed to be where some of the sharpest battle lines were drawn:  When will the streets be plowed?  Which will they start with first?  What about alternate-side parking - is that still in effect when there's a snow storm?  These are all valid questions that deserve - and need - good answers.  Fortunately, the City of Superior has thought them through and provides official answers to many of these questions - and more - in their Winter Road Maintenance Policy.

While the policy dates back to 1994 - with amendments made in 2001, it's at least a good starting point for when the weather gets bad.  Click here to take a look.

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