Winter hasn't even officially begun yet for 2019-2020 and we're already sitting in one of the top ten snowiest starts to the season, as measured by the National Weather Service. And even though Northland drivers are pretty good about using common sense when it comes to the roads, the combination of snow, ice, wind, and hilly streets can do a number on even the most-seasoned of drivers.

One of the topics that usually comes up each winter is where the so-called "snow emergency routes" are in the the City of Duluth; you know - those routes that get cleared first and have a decent application of sand and salt to ease the driving.  While it's easy to assume about many of the streets (i.e. the major arterial streets tend to see more plows than the tucked-away side streets), some always seem to question the prioritizing done by the Public Works Department.

Recently, Duluth spent some time re-addressing the situation with a snow emergency plan - which also highlights the priority given to plowing streets.  The city's website provides a neatly-detailed map (that's zoomable even) that easily plots out which streets get what priority when it comes to snow removal.  Click here to check it out.

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