How can you be original, use your movie editing skills, put other men to shame, and win over your wife while filming the whole thing? This guy did it!!!

Lee Loechler, who has worked with many big stars editing videos put his talent to use when he proposed to his high school sweetheart Sthuthi David. During the movie when it comes to the kissing scene. The two main figures have been replaced with cartoon versions of Lee and Sthuthi. You can see that something is amiss on her face while she is watching the film.

You can also tell that Lee has a sense of humor when he adds a special effect to his character when he smiles.

Then the movie stops and they look at Lee as he gets up from his seat and proposes to Sthuthi. She says yes and the film goes into celebration mode with singing and characters dancing.

The sense of humor comes when the title roles on the screen that says "If She Says No" and then it is the seven dwarves crying and he yells at the operator to stop that she said yes.

The film ends with the two of them out front. The venue changed the names to theirs as they leave. It makes you cry!!!


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