This was a prank... like a teenage prank.  Some kids were throwing cheese slices, like Kraft Singles at cars.  They were sticking and really causing a mess, besides the possibility of ruining the paint... if they weren't just on the windows.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw
PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

How did the find the "pranksters"?  Well, apparently you can lift fingerprints off of cheese slices.  Who knew?  Well, obviously not the people who threw them at cars.  This crime of sorts happened in South Carolina.  The police there said this isn't actually the strangest thing they have seen, but it's ranking right up there.

As to the answer of the question "Why?" there was a hashtag cheesechallenge going around on Tik Tok, Instagram and other social media outlets.  This is just stupid, as many of the hashtag challenges are...just stupid.  Sometimes it seems like some people's brains just aren't computing on the level of "is this really a good idea".

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