This is a bit of news that YOU choose whether or not it's good or bad;  Federal Transportation Security Administration agents find an average of 4 to 5 guns tucked away in luggage each and every day.

Passengers typically say they forgot the weapon was in their bag, TSA officials said. But in one recent case, a passenger at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport tried to board a plane with two pistols, three ammunition magazines, eight knives and a hand saw in a carry-on bag, the TSA said. That passenger was arrested by local law enforcement.

TSA administrators point to the statistic as evidence that their search programs are working.

At a wide-ranging Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing, Pistole mentioned the Connecticut gun find as evidence of the effectiveness of the agency. Pistole also touted his program to expedite screening for trusted travelers, full-body scanners which can find nonmetallic items and "Behavior Detection Officers," some of whom now question passengers in an effort to ferret out terrorists.

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