Charge Your Phone Or Don’t Fly, Says TSA
When I first read this news I was outraged, then I saw the reason, I calmed down but is this law a bit too much? You decide. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has announced that flights coming back to America will not allow devices that are not fully charged.
Snow Globes Soon To Be Allowed On Airplanes
Snow globes will soon fall off the Transportation Security Administration's list of forbidden carry-on items. Currently, snow globes are prohibited from being brought through security as a carry-on item. Instead, any flier wishing to fly with a snow globe must put it in his or her checked lug…
TSA Screeners Find 4 To 5 Guns Every Day
This is a bit of news that YOU choose whether or not it's good or bad;  Federal Transportation Security Administration agents find an average of 4 to 5 guns tucked away in luggage each and every day.
Passengers typically say they forgot the weapon was in their bag, TSA officials said...