Airline Security Now Includes A Stroll Past A Police K-9
I've traveled quite a bit and have been subjected to many airline security measures.  I understand that the ways of the world is why we now have to walk through a metal detector, send our purses, murses and laptops through an x-ray machine and yes, now be sniffed by a dog.
TSA Screeners Find 4 To 5 Guns Every Day
This is a bit of news that YOU choose whether or not it's good or bad;  Federal Transportation Security Administration agents find an average of 4 to 5 guns tucked away in luggage each and every day.
Passengers typically say they forgot the weapon was in their bag, TSA officials said...
How To Unlock A Car With A Text Message
The weirdness of this becomes a reality in today's society. I want to pass this on to you.
Don Bailey says he can unlock thousands of cars across the United States simply by sending a few texts from his Android phone. And that's not even the scary part.Bailey, a senior security consultant with iSEC P…