Way back in 2012 the Minneapolis City Council approved the funding for the new multi-purpose stadium that was being built to replace the Metrodome. I know that I am probably one of the few people around who actually liked the Metrodome. Yes, it was super outdated, there was always the worry if the dome was going to collapse and the acoustics were horrible, but it was the home of two Minnesota Twins World Series Championships.

I am kidding, the Metrodome needed to go, and all these newer stadiums have to step up to the plate because they are quickly becoming state-of-the-art facilities and no expense was spared $975 million to be exact on US Bank stadium. 

So with that security is a top priority and back in 2016 The Department of Homeland Security actually recommended that some type of fencing be built around the stadium. The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority (MFSA) board voted to move forward with a fence option.

According to a report from KARE11 the MFSA said in a statement: " By entering into an agreement for these professional services, the MSFA intends to further explore specific concepts and estimated costs of a permanent secured perimeter. Goals for the potential perimeter project include enhanced public safety, preservation of public access, and inclusion of public art."

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So where is the money going to come from to build this fence? Lisa Niess, U.S. Bank Stadium Director of Marketing and Communications said via email to KARE11 "It is premature to speculate on the funding aspect for this potential project when we do not yet have an accurate idea of the project cost."

This is going to be a massive undertaking given the size of the stadium, but it is just in the idea stage right now, so we will all have to wait and see when and how it going to be built and who is picking up the tab.

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