A special event will require the temporary closure of parts of the Motorized and Ski Trail that's located in the Superior Municipal Forest.  The event - a triathalon - will occur on Sunday, March 3.

In order to accommodate the triathalon, the affected parts of the trail will be closed from 6:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  Motorized traffic will not be allowed on 42nd Street from Badger Drive to Albany Avenue or on the northern half of Billings Drive from 42nd Avenue to the northern Cross Town Trail intersection.  Trail crossings over those mentioned sections of road will be closed which will result in no through traffic from the “Ski Shack Parking Lot” that's located on 28th Street to the “Albany Avenue Snowmobile Parking Lot”.

In addition, organizers are urging people to use caution on the Cross Town (East-West) Trail section near Highway 105 where the trail crosses Billings Drive.  Extra event staff and racers will be using this section of the roadway. Please respect any barricades and gates across these sections of trail to keep race traffic safe.

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