Putting a microphone on an athlete to capture in-game perspective is something made popular by the NFL. The trend has extended to other sports over the years, and now has made its way to the mini-mite hockey level; and I think you'll be glad this finally happened.

Hockey coach Jeremy Rupke, known as "Coach Jeremy" on YouTube, decided to put a microphone on his son Mason. Rupke told Business Insider that Mason had just recently turned 4, and is just getting used to the most basic elements of hockey. While watching the antics of his son and the other kids on the ice, he wanted to get a little more insight into what was happening.

He tweeted that he wanted to put a microphone on his kid to "finally understand what the heck he was doing out there", calling the results "interesting".

While he might call the results "interesting" as a coach, you have to say it's pretty darn adorable as an observer.



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