Progress is being made on Tower Avenue and soon a new roadway will emerge from the red clay and heavy equipment!  Here's your update on the construction project as it heads into the last week of August.

  • Water and sewer services have been completed to Belknap Street.
  •  Grading and backfilling with subbase and base has been completed to 14th street.
  • Concrete pavement has been placed in the 6’ parking areas between the railroad tracks and 12th Street.
  • Concrete curb and gutter has been completed between the railroad tracks and 12thstreet.
  • The 1st layer of Asphalt is has been completed on all side roads between 4th and 8thStreets.
  • Traffic signal bases have been placed at Winter Street and irrigation conduit has continued between 13 and 14th.

What's on tap for next week?

  • Subcut and backfilling with select crushed and base aggregated to be completed between 13th and Belknap Street.
  • The contractor is scheduled to work and finish the storm sewer structure repair along 3rd Street.
  • Concrete paving at side street intersections is scheduled to continue and curb and gutter along the medians and remaining side streets between the RR tracks and 12thStreet. Intersection planters at 12th, 13th and 14th are scheduled to be poured.

As of this date, the project is still on track.

The next public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 4 at 2 PM in the Old Post Office Building, 1401 Tower Avenue.


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