Big changes are coming for utility customers in Superior!  The city's utility provider - Superior Water Light and Power Company - has announced a five year project to replace and convert every electric, gas and water meter for their customers;  the move will see the migration from analog to digital metering.

In a notice to their customers that was provided in billing statements near the end of the year, SWL&P announced the switch to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a system that is used in more than 60% of all homes nationwide.

The new digital meters will provide a variety of positives for both the company and its customers.  There should be less guess work and more accurate readings for customers.  The system is also expected to alert someone to a potential leak in a faster manner.  Customers would also have online access to their account, allowing them to make decisions and choices in energy-savings.  In addition, SWL&P will see a manpower and cost savings by not having to have a person make on-site visits to each household to read the (now) analog meters.

To read more about the switch, click here.

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