What a difference a little hindsight makes sometimes.  A recent survey completed by the Wisconsin Historical Society has identified a number of buildings in Superior - along with four distinct districts - for possible inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. The survey was done to update the most-recent one done more than 30 years ago in 1983.

The recommendations made by the Wisconsin Historical Society are an important step towards these buildings - and districts - being nominated at the higher, national level.

Generally, structures must be more than 50 years old to qualify.  This particular survey updated the one from 1983 - to no include those buildings constructed between 1940 and 1980.

One of the buildings that made the cut was the former City-County Complex - the building that used to house government services for Superior and Douglas County. The building is now privately owned, and currently houses a variety of offices.  That move to include the 1960's-era building on a historic register may come as a surprise to some in the community.  Many will remember when the city and county vacated the building 20 years ago; at the time, it was poised to be demolished.  At that time, general sentiment from government leaders and the general population was that the building was outdated and lacked significance.

Other locations in Superior receiving recommendations include a group of row houses on the 1100 blocks west of Hammond Ave to North 12th Street, a group of houses around the area of North 21st Street and Hughitt Avenue, and Central Park.

To learn more about the Wisconsin Historical Society and to see their final recommendations, click here.


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