All your family comes over and notices the picture or trinket or the thing you have that sits on your end table.

Is it worth money? You can find out on Wednesday, August 21st with Denny Mager of Northern Specialty, who is an expert at appraising things. He will be at the rotunda at the Depot from noon till 3 and will need to see what you have.

If you have something that is large or you can't carry, or it is not possible to bring because it is so old you are afraid it will fall apart, bring a clear photo. It's best to take a pic of every side and especially any labels it may have on it.

St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center will be putting on this event and ask that you come at 2:30 pm to register. You may bring up to two items per person and ARCO coffee is available while you wait.

Call (218) 733-7568 or e-mail for further information.

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