I have always loved The Simpson's TV show, what would I look like if I was on the show, then the opportunity came.

My history with the show was I have watched it since it started on the Tracy Ulman show. I was watching it in Nashville when I lived there back in the early 90s, because they had a Fox Network there.

I kept telling friends and family about this show that was so funny and was a cartoon. So, I started recording it and sending it home. Then it was carried up in the Northland shortly after.

I saw online you could send your photo to some of the artists that will take your likeness and turn you into a character on the Simpson's. I loved the idea so I uploaded a picture of myself. Two days later they wrote back and said they couldn't tell what kind of legs I had or shoes. I had to send in another photo with better images of my legs and shoes. I had to laugh because even after all that they didn't get my shoes right. I looked again and thought, maybe they did, I look like a dork in real life and they made me look like a dork on the Simpson's.

image owned by chris allen
image owned by chris allen

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