Burger King says they have a plant-based burger a few weeks ago, so I waited for it to come to Duluth, then I decided to try it.

A plant-based burger, I have to tell you I was wanting to hate it. I was thinking ahead of time that it was going to be like the veggie burger that I had from the grocery store, or a Boca Burger, which tasted like a cardboard box, no, worse than a cardboard box.

I usually like to get burgers just with cheese and plain, but I decided I was going to do the full experience and eat the Whopper (with IMPOSSIBLE BURGER) and cheese. I made the order, pulled it out of the bag and decided to pull over right away and take a peek at it. Looked like a burger, smelled like a burger, but now the real test.

Well, I have to tell you, it is pretty good. It really tastes like a burger! So, I went back and ordered one with just cheese on it. (That's right, if you are keeping the score at home, I am eating two Whoppers, but it's all in the name of science).

I ate that and it was good. How different was it? In my opinion, not much. I love meat and I wouldn't mind eating that again. Truth be told, I have had a couple more along with real burgers.

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