The Superior School District is alerting the general public to some propane tank work at the Middle School the week of June 22.  A highly-visible flame will be produced while the work is being performed and they want to make sure that everyone knows (a) that its planned and (b) that everything is okay.

The work will happen at the back side of the Superior Middle School - according to a post made by the school district on their social media site.  According to them:

"Professionals from Como Oil and Propane will be on site the week of June 22 to empty the propane tank prior to maintenance.  The liquid propane remaining in the tank will be drained into a tanker and hauled off site  A burner will then be hooked up to the tank to burn off any remaining gases  The burner is expected to produce a flame up to 20-feet high for approximately 8 hours.  A professional from Como Oil and Propane will be onsite to monitor the burn at all times during this process.

In addition, school officials are alerting the general public that "through traffic" will not be allowed to the back of the school during this time. All questions should be directed towards the Bobby Matherly - the Director of Buildings and Grounds for the Superior Middle School:  715-394-8700."

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