For some people the check went fast, paying for bills, food, rent, or whatever was owed. Some people need it and still don't have their check.

I was very lucky, I got my check on time. $1200 plus $500 for my son. The more people I talk to, the more listeners weigh-in, I hear that they don't have their check. In fact, it's a lot of people that don't have their check yet. So, how do you find it?

I helped my Mom change hers from delivery in a debit card form to a direct deposit. There is a way you can track yours. Click here and you can answer a few questions on the IRS website and then see if you even qualify. Some people don't know that they didn't qualify. I know some people had moved and so the government was holding checks for a little to figure out the correct address. If you use this tool, you might see why it's delayed. You can also give them your bank account info and they will direct deposit.

Some people don't have to file a return, like some vets, some social security recipients, and other special cases. Huff post has a list of reasons you might not have a check yet. If you used a tax preparer, their into is only temporary, so the government is waiting for you to file your info. Use the IRS link below and you can give them the info they need.

If you use the get my payment IRS link below and it says that you have already been issued a check, then use the tracker also on that page and you can trace where your check might be or if it's been cashed already.

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