Vikre Distillery in Canal Park is offering a new product for you whiskey lovers.

Today they announced their new Temperance River Rye which is made locally with rye sourced from The Food Farm in Wrenshall.

They say the Temperance River Rye is aged more than 3-years in Minnesota white oak barrels. The new whiskey is available in select liquor stores and at their distillery in Canal Park in half-size bottles.

According to the website, the difference of a rye whiskey vs. a typical bourbon whiskey is the ingredients, corn mash is used in bourbon that creates a sweet taste, full-bodied taste, and the rye used in, of course, the rye whiskey gives it a spicer, dry taste.

Vikre also has a great Father's Day cocktail kit they've put together for dad that includes spirits to make 4 drinks and some other fun merchandise. They have 3 kits available for order online and pick up on Friday, they include the Ultimate Blood & Sand Shaker Combo, Ultimate SOB Old Fashioned, and the Ultimate Back Country Bramble. You can check out the combos and order here.

Vikre Distillery
Vikre Distillery


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