A Facebook page is saying America should have a NO MASK DAY, saying they are sick and tired of wearing the masks that we need a break.

Stay home then, is what I say. If you don't want to wear a mask it is your right, but then you could put other people in jeopardy. I agree I am tired of wearing a mask too. I also understand that they are also for other people.

People on the page are blaming the government, the Republicans, the Democrats, you name it. Some people are saying they stopped before the stay at home was lifted. Some people are talking about not wearing them at all because they think the COVID-19 is fake. One guy says it's only a virus, get a shot, or take a pill. I am surprised by a lot of the ignorance of not wearing a mask. One woman says she can't breathe so she doesn't want to wear it.  One woman says if you wash your hands you should be safe that masks aren't important.

The CDC recommends masks and says you should wear them, especially in public or large gatherings. The only ones that shouldn't be wearing masks are 0-2-year-old babies and kids. Masks are a must in areas that there will be shouting. Like sporting events.

Personally, I think until they (the CDC) can guarantee that we won't get sick by going out in public without a mask, I am going to wear mine. Washing your hands is never bad. I would like to stop wearing my mask too, but I am not convinced it safe to.

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