The origin of the proposed change is an application by a specific business in Superior, but a retaliatory move by the city would seek changes that would have benefits for the future. If the proposal goes through, the city's current M1 zone would be changed.

Business and property owner Steve Vujcevic is seeking a change in zoning classification for a parcel of land that he owns in the north end - from M1 (light manufacturing) to M2 (heavy manufacturing) in order to allow him to add an impound lot to the towing company he operates; as his current zoning classification stands, he would not be able to operate the impound lot.

Instead of granting the change to his zoning, Jason Serck - the city's Economic Development, Port, and Planning Director - suggests leaving the zoning classification as it is (M1) and changing what's allowed instead. Serck suggests that this plan shores up future uses according to news sources:

Currently, the city lumps impound lots in with salvage yards, which are allowed in an M2 district, Serck said. By changing the zoning code, the lots that already exist in an M1 district would conform to the city’s code. Some salvage yards have existed in M1 zones because they were there before the city's zoning codes existed, he said.

The planning commission meets again on February 19; on the agenda is discussion about the proposed changes.

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