Pets are like kids sometimes when their reaction to certain situations makes you laugh uncontrollably.

How many times have you been sitting in the family room and watching your pet in its own world playing with a toy or interacting with other pets or your kids and you wish you had a camera?

This video comes from the youtube channel called The Paw. It just happened that the owner of these two cute pets had one to capture this rare moment. It turns out the two pets like to lay together and are best buds.

You see the two pets, and it's cute enough when they are together, but then the dog let's one rip and the face of the cat is priceless, first it squints once the smell gets to it, but then the cat decides to teach the dog a lesson and beats him over the head repeatedly.

The reaction of the dog is funny as well, once he takes his beating, it's almost as if he is laughing to himself that he did that to his friend. Almost like a pet dutch oven!!

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