Manners are declining. I hear more people talk about manners and other things being taught in the school system.

At, 73% of Americans say yes, manners should be taught to kids because not enough people have manners and etiquette anymore. One person said, "

I think that the younger students should be taught the simple etiquette in school, Like chew with your mouth closed or don't be rude to those older than you just the simple things that will help later in life, So they will not be thought of as rude or disrespectful."

What should be taught, that is open for debate. Simple things like a door being opened for a lady or for anyone. People, mostly men, wearing their pants around their hips showing their underwear.

According to UPI A survey (sponsored by the Italian wine brand Ecco Domani) found 79 percent of adults said they have seen a decline in manners and etiquette over the past few decades, and 65 percent of respondents agreed generations younger than their own generally have poor manners.

There are others that believe that is a parent's responsibility. At the Christian Science Monitor, they beleive parents should be teaching those lessons. That is part of life they say. One woman says she is a teacher, and "When I was a child, manners were greatly emphasized and taught by my parents. Nowadays, as a teacher, I often have to constantly remind students to say such things as “thank you” and “excuse me.”

I think because more parents are working, maybe there should be a class to teach life lessons. Balance a checkbook, change a tire. I don't blame parents at all, but let's get the word out on how to do things for themselves.


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