Manners are declining. I hear this all the time from the older generation. I know certain things I see younger drivers not know for driving etiquette. I don't want to sound like it's only the younger generation.  How do Americans as a whole feel? The same way, but a bit more removed on how to deal with it.

For the most part people don't feel there are any manners. Simple things like a door being opened for a lady or for anyone. People, mostly men, wearing their pants around their hips showing their underwear. Americans pay less attention to their appearance now. The unkept look is in, so now us slobs are cool. The rolled out of bed look is the in thing. Everything is going by the wayside.

One thing I've noticed, when cars are parked on the other side of the street, that driver is supposed to pull over so you can pass. I don't see that happening much anymore. People want to get where they are going, so they don't give way to your pulling in their lane, giving cuts in line, or just being nice. Has social media ruined that? A person can get online and say whatever they want, and most people are haters.

According to UPI A survey (sponsored by the Italian wine brand Ecco Domani) found 79 percent of adults said they have seen a decline in manners and etiquette over the past few decades, and 65 percent of respondents agreed generations younger than their own generally have poor manners.

According to an article by ABCnews one-third of Americans think this country has no manners.

People want to be more hip and stylish, but rarely put any effort into it.

Men won't open doors or pull out chairs for ladies because they feel unsure how the woman may feel about it, they want to show respect but don't want to insult them. Women feel it's lazy that men are using that excuse.

More findings from

--Forty-six percent said their parents' generation put more effort into entertaining guests than they currently do and 50 percent said their parents' generation invested more time in their fashion choices and grooming habits.

-- 79 percent said they wished better manners were a priority as in previous generations.

-- 46 percent of men said they never or hardly ever stood up when a lady leaves the table.

-- 48 percent of respondents did not sent a handwritten thank-you note within the past year -- or ever.


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