I see it all the time, people don't open doors, act polite, or say please and thank you.

Styles have changed, and not for the better. People, mostly men, wearing their pants around their hips showing their underwear. Americans pay less attention to thei appearance now. The unkempt look is in, so now we slobs are cool. I see a lot of people that look like they got out of bed and started their day.

According to UPI A survey (sponsored by the Italian wine brand Ecco Domani) found 79 percent of adults said they have seen a decline in manners and etiquette over the past few decades, and 65 percent of respondents agreed generations younger than their own generally have poor manners.

I see people wanting to bring back something without a receipt and yelling and name-calling to the clerk, and then wanting a favor. I am teaching my son that you can get special treatment or get someone to bend the rules if you are polite and use good manners. Please and thank you.

Men won't open doors or pull out chairs for ladies because they feel unsure how the woman may feel about it, they want to show respect but don't want to insult them. Women feel it's lazy that men are using that excuse. I do it for men and women, then it doesn't have to be a sexist thing, but a police respectful thing.

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More findings from UPI.com

--Try to dress better, if you dress up a little bit and use your own style you will come across confident.

--Use more phrases like, "Pleased to meet you" or "A Pleasure to meet you"

-- 79 percent said they don't feel they have good manners or use them.

-- 46 percent of men said they were never taught to stand up when a lady or person leaves the table. A small thing but it shows you have manners and respect.

-- 48 percent of people said they don't send Thank You notes. It's it a big gesture nowadays to get a handwritten thank you in the mail.

Just little things but they can improve and impress. In my opinion, it all starts at home.

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