Yes, kids are "just kids" and there are times when we as adults need to accept the fact that they don't have the social understandings we have;  Our role as parents is to teach them right from wrong.

On the other hand, I tend to believe modern-day parenting skills have become sub-standard - generally speaking.  The things I witness in stores makes me fear what our society is in for in the future.

That said, I found the following article interesting.  It seems that a restaurant in Pennsylvania has taken to banning children under the age of 6 from eating at the restaurant.

I say instead of banning the "mis-behaving" kids --- the restaurant should ban the parents!  While the

owner agrees,  he's forced to enforce etiquette by banning the children.

Beginning Saturday, children 6 and under are no longer welcome at the restaurant in Monroeville, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh. They’ve just become too much of a bother for the other customers.

Owner Mike Vuick built the neighboring golf center 22 years ago, then opened the restaurant nine years ago. Young children have become an increasing issue in that time, he says. But don’t accuse Vuick of hating kids — his problem is mostly with the parents.

“Parents have gradually diminished their cooperation,” he said, adding that the new policy is strictly in response to customer complaints.

“This is a three-part issue. One is the increasing number of small babies that can’t be controlled. They can’t be quiet and really they can’t be expected to.”

The second factor is kindergarten-aged kids who “have shown increasingly poor manners.” And lastly he blames parents, who “act like we’re the ones being offensive” when staff members ask them to calm their children down.

What do you think?

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