People are talking about this more than ever, not only are kids not being polite but adults aren't either. Is everyone teaching manners anymore? Sometimes I don't think so.

There is always a debate on manners because times change, but it's not hard to teach the basics for being polite and having manners. People don't realize, having a few manners and being polite could go a long way.

Sometimes kids just don't realize it's impolite to interrupt, pick their nose, or loudly observe that the lady walking in front of them has a large behind.It's cute in little kids but if you don't correct the behavior, it's going to get worse.

Here are a few I was taught and seem to be the discussion right now.

Say Please

Kids don't say this enough, in fact, when asked if they want something a please instead of yup or yes sounds so much better. Always use please it will go a long way.

Say Thank You

When I was taught this, I was told that the other person doesn't have to give you anything so always be thankful. A phone call to say thanks is also good.

Don't Interrupt

Good listening skills are hard to find. When you interrupt someone, it shows you aren't listening, sometimes that can affect a child's grade.

Say Excuse Me

This should be taught for any kind of body noise, but also if you bump into someone or you drop something in front of someone, step in front of someone, or need to get something on a shelf in front of them.

Ask Permission

May I can begin a conversation, or offer a service. May I offer you this, May I press your floor on the elevator. Asking permission shows respect.

Writing A Thank You Note

This is a lost art but can make a difference for many things. I would write thank you notes to record reps for free CDs or tickets. You would be surprised how many times they would ask me if I wanted a CD or tickets next time. I think it tells people how much you value whatever you received because you were thankful and took the time to say so.

Wait For Others To Eat

This was taught to me by my Grandpa Irv. Especially for the opposite sex, it shows respect. Wait till everyone has their food, wait till they finish talking and start eating, or wait till they get to the table.

Allow People To Step in Line

Letting someone in your line to purchase something when you can tell they are in a hurry, or they have less than you is a huge thing. It might not be a manner but I think should be included in this.

Keep Your Hands And Comments To Yourself

They have a dog and you want to pet but don't know if that will start something, or they are a large person, you don't need to tell them that, they know. Don't Touch, Don't tell. You can talk about that person later.

Thank The Parents

This goes for the parents of kids and kids. Thank the parents for feeding or taking your child, have the child thank them for food or having them over. It shows respect.

Knock Before Entering

When you knock and wait to be invited it shows restraint and respect. It is polite to give that person a warning in case they are not clothed or on the phone.

Be Nice

Don't swear or call someone a name, keep it to yourself, you wouldn't want to be treated that way.

Show Respect

when listening to a story, watching a play, or at a sporting event. Pretend to be interested or be nice when they ask for your opinion. It's a white lie.

Cover Your Mouth

Especially in these times, it shows respect and helps stop the spread of germs. People don't do this enough nowadays and have the loudest coughs and sneezing.

Put Napkin on Your Lap, Ask For Things To Be Passed

Don't reach in front of someone at the table, ask for it to be passed to you, and put a napkin on your lap. That way you don't wipe your hands on your pants or dress.

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