It is that time of year! The start of a fresh year always brings about the best versions of ourselves. We want to eat better, get out more and be more financially savvy.

2020 was obviously quite the year but that didn't stop Minnesota and Wisconsin residents from making a New Year's resolution. Now, we know just what those resolutions are. released a new study, naming the most popular New Year's resolution by state. To come to the conclusion of the study, the website looked at Google Trends to see just what we were searching for ahead of the first of the year.

So what are those in Minnesota banking on for 2021? According to the study, many Minnesotans are going to seek therapy for the new year. As for Wisconsin residents, they are just looking to go on a vacation! That probably didn't happen too much in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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This is definitely an interesting study! I think there is always a handful of resolutions we all aim to accomplish each year and these don't vary too much from that list. The most popular resolutions that come to mind are eating better, working out more and saving more money.

It is also pretty fun to see what other states are trying to accomplish in 2021. For example, states in the west want to date again in 2021. Other resolutions include getting better sleep each night, reading more books and meeting new people.

All of these sound like great goals to accomplish. Let's hope 2021 is a better year for all!

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