Once apon a time I asked Sean Morey to write me a blog, not sure if I used force or not, but he did it. I think it still rings true now, so I am re-posting it.  So, here is Sean Morey.

Well, last year I resolved to never write a blog.  FAIL!  Now Chris Allen from the KOOL 101.7 Seven in a row Morning show is making me write one.  Thanks Chris!  I never knew what BLOG stood for so I looked it up.  Boring Lame Obtuse Gibberish!  Ok, let’s get started!

Around this time you see a lot of articles entitled “The Year in Review.”   Here is my own personal year in review for this year.  As in every year there were good things and bad.  Good:  I bought a new house!  Bad: I had to put a new roof on the house -$5,000.  Good: I made $80,000 income!  Bad:  Unexpected medical bills -$10,000.  Good:  I got a red convertible!  Bad:  It had 6 holes in the top.  Good:  I got a new wife!  Great:  She had twins!   Fantastic:  I retired in a big mansion!

Ok that wasn’t the whole year, it was just yesterday when I was playing “LIFE” with my daughter.  But it was a good day and I hope to have many like it in real life.  Happy New Year!


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