Say whatever you will but I love reading psychic predictions whenever we turn a leaf into a new year! One of my favorite websites to read at this time is that of a psychic named Nikki. She always makes wild, outlandish and off-the-wall predictions about the royals, movie stars, artists and the world in general.

This year, she is at it again with her predictions. She has made over 700 predictions for the year 2020. I read each and every one and came up with a solid list of the 30 weirdest ones. Take a look below:

  1. More UFOs will be spotted in the United States, mainly in Nevada, California and Southern areas of the country. India will also see an increase in UFO sightings.
  2. On the topic of UFOs, one will land in Area 51.
  3. A famous hamburger chain will announce that it will be closing forever.
  4. A crocodile will eat a movie star.
  5. A living dinosaur will be found near a University.
  6. 100 parrots will be found living in an apartment somewhere after a nearby tenant hears them talking.
  7. A country music star will face serious injury by horse.
  8. A lost world is found under the sea.
  9. A famous country singer will ditch the genre and sing opera instead.
  10. Scarface will be remade with a possible appearance by Al Pacino.
  11. A comedian will win an Oscar for a dramatic role.
  12. Lady Gaga will play a queen in a movie.
  13. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman may split.
  14. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will break up.
  15. Jay-Z and Beyonce will also announce a split.
  16. Snow in areas that don't usually receive snow.
  17. There will be a big change in the British monarchy.
  18. Ryan Seacrest needs to watch his health.
  19. Kate and William will have some marital woes.
  20. A celebrity couple will break up on a talk show.

Wow. This is a lot to take in! I am anxious to see which predictions come true.

By the way, she always makes predictions for big world tragedies. I decided to stray away from those predictions for the most part. You can read them all for yourself on her website.

Before you write her off, just know that she was right about some of her predictions for 2019! She hit the nail on the head when it came to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's major award show success, All In The Family's big reboot and Alex Trebek's health issues.

I guess we will have to wait and see what 2020 holds!

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