"Happy New Year." It’s the standard post-January 1 greeting, but at some point it becomes as out of date as shouting “Wazzzuuuuppp!” So, when should you abandon it?

Like healthcare, police-citizen relations and whether there will ever be a ‘Friends’ reunion, it’s an issue tearing apart humankind.

You see, the “Happy holidays” greeting has a clear beginning and end point. It starts at Thanksgiving and comes to a screeching halt when the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. The expiration date for “Happy New Year?” That’s about as clear as the resolution of a photo taken with a circa 2000 cell phone.

Maybe you keep the “Happy New Year” going for a week. Maybe you put the kibosh on it at Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Or, are you the rare breed who keeps it going until Valentine’s Day and beyond, which, let’s face it, is just weird?

Tell us. And, oh yeah, Happy New Year to you.

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