It looks like June 2021 is going down in the history books, at least for the Duluth area.

Why? Because our weather continues to break records. This time it is all due to the hot temperatures.

As of Thursday (June 24th), Duluth is experiencing its warmest June ever! As of now, our average temperature for the month is about sixty-six degrees. While this doesn't seem extremely hot, it is when you consider that is just the average.

This news was shared by Fox 21 Chief Meteorologist Sam Gabrielli, who posted about the record on his Facebook page Thursday.

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He also shocked us with even more information! The average high temperature in Duluth so far is between seventy-eight and seventy-nine degrees. Wow.

He also touched on the drought that is impacting much of Minnesota and Wisconsin. According to his report, it is the twenty-fourth driest June on record for Duluth.

The National Weather Service office in the Twin Cities recently shared an update on the drought conditions. As of June 24th, nearly seventy-five percent of the state was under drought conditions.

By the way, June came in hot (literally) since the beginning. After the first week of the month, June was already off to the warmest start in history. It doesn't look to be slowing down either. The National Weather Service says we have a chance of seeing "excessive heat" as we head into July.

While summer and spending time outside is a blast, the summer heat can be dangerous. Make sure to brush up on what you can do to stay safe during a heat wave before another rolls around!

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