Well, this is exciting. A few famous Northland faces were featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week and it's absolutely not for the reason you might be thinking - and it is absolutely hilarious.

This is not the first time that the Fox21 crew has been featured on a late night show. Back in 2018, the newscasters were the topic of conversation on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The host somehow caught wind of an amazingly awkward moment and shared it on his show!

The whole conversation revolved around a tie for a sports game which in turn led to conversation about one of the anchor's news outfits which in turn led to a very awkward and unintentional question playing out on live television.

It was absolutely amazing and you know it's hilarious because of all the news segments and shows that happen nightly around the country, Jimmy Fallon chose the Fox21 crew to spotlight on his show.

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Now, the news crew is back in the national spotlight, this time on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Nicole Byer was filling in and she didn't miss a mark as she introduced what she says she believes to be the cattiest moment in broadcast history.

The moment comes courtesy of a conversation between popular news anchor Dan Hanger and Meteorologist Ken Slama. They were discussing, of all things, Snoop Dogg's new cereal, which is called Snoop Loopz.

While wrapping up the segment, Dan Hanger says that he would put the cereal through a drug test, which he said with a laugh. Ken Slama then says his own joke about how he'd be worried if the icon came out with brownies instead.

The result? Dan Hanger hilariously congratulating Ken Slama on making a joke and saying "good for you" after he had finished the punchline. Ha! If you watch Fox21, you know that Dan Hanger is a jokester. However, if you are from out of town, you may think he is serious about it since he is so deadpan about the way he says it!

The clip aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (August 17th). Dan Hanger shared the clip on his professional Facebook page and doesn't seem phased about it one bit. In fact, he seems excited!

After playing the clip, Nicole Byer jokes about the line, saying some things that aren't safe to type here! Basically, she thinks that Dan Hanger wants Ken Slama to get out of the studio and out of his space but like I said, that is just his humor and everyone in the Northland knows it.

By the way, the comedian also shocked herself by correctly saying Minnesota! She thought she was supposed to say Missouri and made me laugh when she was so excited about getting the state right.

Nicole Byer is famous for a ton of projects, including her podcast, her acting work and as a television host. She was a great fill in for the show and had great energy. I hope she guests hosts again soon. Although, I do wonder what Jimmy Kimmel would have thought about that little segment. Ha!

As for Dan Hanger, he just announced that he extended his contract in Duluth, which means there are plenty more hysterical moments to come!

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