Robert Alford of the Atlanta Falcons had a once in a lifetime chance to work out with Brett Favre and catch some passes. If you watch the video of the workout, Alford doesn't catch many of them. Brett is still throwing as hard as ever. When someone commented how hard he throws, he admitted to still working out a little and keeping his arm loose. So is Brett Favre coming back to the NFL?

I think he could if he wanted to, watching his arm strength, but is he in game shape and could he take the hits? I would say no, he is not in shape, but I think he could take the hits, maybe not for a whole season. He does look good, if you notice in the video, Alford drops a few of them because they come at him so fast.

Let's start a rumour together, that Brett Favre is coming back. Where would he go? Obviously, he would want to play for a Super Bowl bound team. That would mean, the teams that need a quarterback and are good enough with him. Denver, Houston, Philadelphia, Arizona, San Francisco, or on the outside, Los Angels Rams. I would say Houston would be a great fit, or Denver.

Where do you think he would go? Would they win? Here's the video.


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