Brett Favre's agent Bus Cook told the press that he has seen Brett, and he is in the best shape he has ever been in and could come back to the NFL today and be effective. So, where would he go?

Bus Cook, his agent, released this statement that you can read here. Basically it talks about how much in shape he is and that he has been training.

Let's just say for the sake of argument, Brett is planning on returning. Would anyone take him?  We already know Green Bay wouldn't put him back in the line up. So who else needs a quarterback? Jacksonville, Cleveland.......oh wait, Minnesota!!!

Same offensive coach, Greg Jennings is in Minnesota, a couple of new rookies, Adrian Peterson to save his but, this might be able to work.  What do you think, is the Vikings the perfect storm again. They can't do any worse than they are right now.

Tampa Bay needs a guy, they thought they had one but he is a bust. The only thing is, right now he would only be a starter, he would never come back as a back up.

So where does Brett Favre go? No where. He is enjoying his coaching, people adore him because he is one of the premiere quarterbacks of all time. He is doing some on air work. He has also mended fences with Green Bay.

As far as Minnesota goes, I could do a better job.

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