The Green Bay Packers are set to make an announcement with Brett Favre Monday August 4th, what will they be talking about? Well, according to Yahoo! Sports they will most likely say their long misunderstanding is over and that the number 4 is close to being retired.

With the new Packer Hall Of Fame going up in the atrium, it would be good to induct the most famous of all Packers. To enshrine him in the Hall, and also retire his number.

Will they announce all of that? Maybe, they might just say Brett will join them on the grounds and on the field. Favre would come back and speak to the players and that might be it.

Or he would be a part of a huge ceremony that would make him a permanent part of Packer history. Being that he will be eligible for the NFL Hall Of Fame soon, it would be a huge blemish if the Packers don't move on this first.

Besides, I think everyone has forgiven everyone anyway, once Aaron Rodgers stepped forward and helped the Packers win a Super Bowl, and become dominant again, for a while people were saying, Brett Who? Now that everyone has calmed down and maybe seen footage of how they all looked, that might have been the final step too.

I think it's great for the NFL, and it's great for those who think he is just a great Quarterback.