Brett Favre is back in with the Green Bay Packers, announcing plans to honor him as a Packer and all of the accomplishments he had in Green Bay. Favre broke some records while he was in Minnesota, he also gave us a great year.

Now that he is getting some love from the Green and Gold, should the Purple and Gold ignore him? Should we wait a few years......maybe once the Vikes have the new stadium then give him some honors, or do the Vikings say, he really wasn't here that long. It would be a great way the Vikings could stick it to the Packers. Honor the guy they just honored.

Maybe the Vikings don't retire his Jersey, but they name a Burger after him, or a street, or a beer. Maybe the burger could be unfinished like that season he had with the Vikings.

It just makes me wonder if he deserves a place in Minnesota history or let him go quietly back to Lambeau.