Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank has played the area several times including being a feature band at Grandma's Big Top. The band is made up of Teague and Ian Alexy, and is constantly being showered with good things from area critics.

Although they never mention Brett Favre by name, but they do talk about his accomplishments. In an interview with the Green Bay Gazette they said,


"He was hobbling on one leg. Just incredible. I had never really seen anything like that. And then it was kind of heartbreaking when they lost in the final seconds," Alexy said. "I was just thinking about Favre's performance... what spirit he has really. It was like I wanted to let him know that people really appreciate him, because he was also getting a lot of criticism after that game."

The song is featured on  Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank's new album 'American Shuffle'.


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