Officials with Bayfield County are urgently working to get the news out about a standing water issue with one of the highways near the Town of Barnes.  According to news information supplied by the county and the township through a variety of sources - including social media - Highway N from Barnes to Drummond has been closed for the time being.  A detour has been established for residents who need to navigate that route.

Drivers needing to get from Barnes to Drummond are urged to use one of two different routes:

  • Highway A
  • Seeley Fire Lane

The spring season can be a time of flooding of ditches and roadways, bringing concerns to those areas that usually flood over  Bayfield County has worked to bring the news of those closures to the general public via a variety of means - including their website.  Click here to visit the official website of Bayfield County.

Road officials will alert the general public once Highway N has reopened.


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