Paul Moore like many pet owners loves his dog Venom a three year old chocolate lab. He loves his dog so much that he risked his own life to save him from an attack by two Timberwolves.I have 2 little dogs and am first to admit that I am leary letting them out in our yard at night, they are not in a fenced in area just on a leash so they would be completely helpless if attacked by a wolf or even an owl, so I make a point of being outside with them.

Venom was attacked on May 15 as he and Moore were in the woods near Observation road looking for a shed hunting and looking for deer antlers when Venom ran up a rail and was attacked by a Timberwolf with another right by him ready to lunge. Moore had an axe with him that he uses as a walking stick which he swung at the one wolf that had his dog by the hind leg, he swung and missed but hit the wolf with the handle.

As the other wolf was going for Venoms throat Moore jumped on top of his dog to shield him from the attack and kicked the wolf in the muzzle, which made them run off. Thankfully Venom is fully recovered and back out in the woods with Moore. What an incredible story and proof that for some people dogs truly are mans best friend. For more on this story and how you can protect yourself and pets Click Here.

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