Every Marathon and sporting event knows how much clean up there is and how many water bottles are left behind and liter the area, plus they sit forever and they aren't biodegradable.

The London Marathon has decided to be the first to hand out edible water pouches to cut down on waste and stop piling of water bottles in the garbage.

Public outings like music concerts, marathons, and sporting events have always been among the biggest consumers of plastic. Now there is a new answer, it is made out of seaweed and is edible and still gives the runner the water they need.

According to Brightside.me, this was the first year and took place on April 28th. In 2019, the marathon partnered with Skipping Rock Lab Ltd. and handed out the edible seaweed pouches called Ooho. The pouches are 100% green and, if not eaten right away, they biodegrade in nature in 4 — 6 weeks.

Here is what they look like.

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