Year after year I have proven that this is the way to know the winner, here's how it works.

When the NFL Playoffs start there are 12 teams. The teams that win each of those games have a story that has driven them to the playoffs. It might be that they have rallied behind a veteran player, a coach who lost their wife, a player who may retire soon. That was the story a few years ago with the Ravens. Ray Lewis said he was retiring, that team rallied around him and won.

Remember when the two brothers John and Jim Harbaugh made it to the Super Bowl. That was the story and that was why they both made it. The Raven's story was stronger and that is why they won. Ray Lewis was the only original from the last Super Bowl-winning Ravens. He was going to retire.

So who has the strongest story this year? So far, it's Green Bay (new coach, many other new coach records, and Aaron Rodgers) and Kansas City, their coach has the most playoff games won without a Super Bowl win. I say GB and KC in the Super Bowl.

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