With the Duluth Lion's Club canceling Pancake Day I realized something.

I've been fortunate to be a part of the Duluth Lions Club Pancake Day for years. First, as a kid, I served coffee and did clean-up. As an adult, I have been able to have fun with the toppings and broadcast live.

I have to give credit to my former co-host Johnny Lee Walker. Together we came up with the alternate toppings booth and it has been a huge hit and some people now expect me to be there and enjoy the toppings. I have become part of the Pancake Day Celebration, so I am lucky in that part and must thank Johnny. (Maybe he will show up someday and share some time on the radio with me.

I am sad that Pancake Day will not be celebrated this year, so I thought I would look back at past years and share some of the things I have filmed and took pictures of. The first one I will share is my interview with James (who has a pancake song, that I shared below).

James talks about some of the amounts of food and money it takes to put the event on, and I share some pictures during the interview. James is one of the people who has become a friend and I look forward to seeing him every yar, but he helped me with the 60th fact.

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This video has some of the footage that I shot from my vantage point. It was just a little video but it was put to music and made into a video. This was some of the 2016 year.

I told you above that James has a song he wrote. He used to have coffee on his back and sing for people while they eat and entertain with jokes and such. The coffee back pack went away. (We should get Duluth Pack on making a new one). James continues to sing and entertain the patrons while they are eating as well and talking to me and on the radio. When we have pancake day again, tell James to come over to your area and sing.

Notice the year, 2011.

Next time I'm bringing my guitar and we are doing a bigger version of the song.

This was 2011, live on the radio. I challenged both the weather people (Ben and Jeff)  to a sausage eating contest. That is Courtney Godfrey in the background doing the play-by-play. I trash-talked the two of them and told them I would take them down and It wouldn't be close.

As you can see, not even fair to those guys, they never knew what hit them.

This was more of the 2016 year, I walked around with the camera and showed my alternate toppings booth, and I walked around the area to show toppings and my favorite, the sausages.

I have all kinds of fun on pancake day. I always throw mistake pancakes at the WDIO talent while they are live on the air to see if I can throw them off. They never try it back on me. They are always good sports too.

I have also taken many pictures and put together a gallery to share some of the shots I have taken over the years. I miss pancake day and I know the Lions Club does too, it's a huge fundraiser. So I ask that you support them and maybe give to them if you can.

Duluth Lions Club Pancake Day Memories

Various pictures taken from Duluth Lions Club Pancake Day

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