Every year for the past 13 years I've been a part of the Lion's Club Pancake Day, with my alternative toppings. I want to say thanks again for allowing me there.

I have so much fun, I get to play with the WDIO team, I get to talk to people who come and wonder why I brought alternative toppings. Everyone seems to think it's stupid to bring salsa, but when I explain it is really good when you take sausage, put salsa on top and roll it in a pancake, they are convinced, that might be good.

I get to see some people I only see a couple times a year and catch up. I get to visit with people and get to know them instead of a voice that calls into the radio station. I get to visit with the volunteers and thank the service men and women for serving.

I also get to enjoy the food and conversation with people. That is the best part.

Pancake Day 2018

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