Every year I prank the WDIO morning team. This year was different, this year was going to be better, and everyone was in on the prank.

Except one of the camera guys who gave them a heads up, but without giving away the prank. Bill Nelson kept the mistake pancakes for me like he always does and so I knew I had the ammo.

I talked to Glen, one of the camera guys and got the exact time I was going to prank the two, and I had someone to film me so I didn't have to selfie stick the prank.

Ok, so here's the prank. Every year I get a pile of pancakes (see Bill Nelson above) and I wait till WDIO is live, so that they don't know it's coming. I then take those mistake pancakes and throw them at the morning team while they are live on the air. What could be better? One year Justin Liles knew it was coming and made a sign and a hole that said hit me. Now that's funny. I was to say thanks to Amy and Taylor for being good sports..

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