The Teddy Bear is synonymous with childhood; I think every child has had at least one stuffed animal during their developmental years.  That's the sentiment behind an upcoming promotion by a national chain store that specializes in furry, stuffed animals.

Build-A-Bear Workshop is holding a "Pay Your Age Day" on Thursday, July 12 at stores throughout the United States; during the promotion, the cost of the bear will be determined by the child's age - in that a 1-year old would pay $1 for a bear, a 10-year old pays $10, and so forth.  And in a spirit of good will towards everyone - even adults - Build-A-Bear says that it won't recognize anyone's age over 30 meaning that someone who is older than the 3-decade mark will pay for a bear at a price capped at $29.

There are no catches involved, other than that the parent or guardian who accompanies the child to the store will need to provide their name and email address in order to enroll in a Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards program; the cost of the program is free of charge.

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