Has Your Child Ever Experienced Night Terror?
My daughter is 23 and as far as I know, she never experienced night terror.  Like most children, she had her share of bad dreams now and then, but nothing that caused us concern.  A Facebook friend, Anna brought night terror to my attention because she is asking if others have experienced …
Hear The Amazing African Children's Choir In Superior
One thing that always sparks a smile is children and when those children are entertaining with amazing voices it's even better.  Get ready to smile because a group of children will be traveling to Superior for a special concert designed to help Africa's most vulnerable children.
Is Your Child Gifted, Here's Some Ways To Know
I know most people think their child is gifted in one way or another. Otherwise, there wouldn't be "Brag Books". Sam is writing his own songs, sings with rock bands like KISS and AC/DC and can play with 60% accuracy on rock band. He reads really well, has a huge sense of humor…
Are The Local YMCA's Providing Child Care So You Can Vote
You may have heard that the YMCA of the USA recently announced an effort to get parents out to vote on November 8th.  Honestly, voting has been on the decline for the last few years and with the controversy of this election, additional incentive to get people to the polls is probably needed.  Howeve…

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