What's The Big Deal With Fidget Spinners?
Fidget spinners have exploded in popularity this spring, becoming the must-have toy for kids in school. Toy stores and other vendors are having a hard time keeping them in stock, and kids are selling and trading them in school. What are these toys? Why are they such a big deal?
What Are Your Favorite Childhood Toys, Do You Remember These
When you were a kid, remember the anticipation of seeing the boxes and shapes under the tree and thinking, which one of those is mine? What could that possibly be? You get so excited you help hand out the gifts. My Uncle Bob would come and see which toys we were playing with and hoped it was the one…
Furby Is Getting a Movie Because Surely the End is Nigh
Trolls. Ouija. Battleship. G.I. Joe. My Little Pony. LEGOs — okay, well, that last one really defied expectations, but overall, movies based on beloved classic toys are a real crapshoot. And that’s exactly how Bob Weinstein describes his plan to make a live-action / CGI hybrid movie ba…
Are You Frugal? I Sew Monkeys.
I'm not totally frugal about everything, but for some reason I felt the need to start saving the dog toy monkeys that Bauer the Schnauzer has chewed holes in.  After 8 monkeys, a hedge hog and the worm started taking up too much space in the craft room, I decided it was time to open the se…

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