A group of kids in Minnesota along with one adult were enjoying a day out fishing when an unusual thing happened to them, a drone appeared out of the woods and started flying around them with no person in sight.

The drone then reappeared with a bag of candy which was dropped off by the kids. The group obviously knew this was suspect and alerted authorities right away. The incident happened this past Monday, June 27 in Watab Township, about 10 miles north of St. Cloud.

According to a statement from the sheriff's office, witnesses reported seeing a black SUV in the area at the time the drone was seen flying around but quickly left the area after the drone reappeared for a second time.

On Wednesday morning the sheriff's office asked for public help in identifying the driver of the SUV, and later that afternoon was able to identify and interview the driver. According to Bring Me The News the sheriff's Office stated: " The evidence gathered to this point indicates this incident was an ill-conceived effort to obtain footage for use on a social media platform rather than an attempt to engage in criminal activity,"

Since there was an adult with the kids you would not think that anything predatory would be going on, but with all the different streaming sites on the web, it very well could have been someone filming a video as a random influencer is looking for views on their forum.

This latest incident did bring up some concern because of a separate investigation targeting children that occurred in the area last month.  Apparently, last May an older white male in his 60's or 70's driving a white mini van approached a group of children waiting at a bus stop claiming to be a former school principal.

That incident is still under investigation to try and find this person of interest. What a frightening time we live in that kids always has to be on high alert because of predators out there waiting to do harm to our children. Thankfully nothing came of this latest incident, but I am sure that it will make these kids think twice when they are outside with their friends in the future.

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